Together Everyone Achieves More
  Together Everyone Achieves More

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So you finally made it over to our corporate page.

Glad to see you here.

My wife and I live about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago in Northwest Indiana. My wife has been a teacher for 30+ years and I have been with several companies since attending the University of Denver and
Lake Forest College in the 1970's.

Where I financed 83% of my own educational and living expenses. Including working on my MBA at the University of Illinois.

My most significant corporate position has been as an Independent Contractor in the International Management Consultancy field. Proudfoot gave me the knowledge, I had the drive. And thus I was a Headhunter Commodity.

Having worked thru out North America, Australia, New Zealand, England, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and China in various industries ranging from Banking (Barclays) to Mining (PT Freeport). Here is a prime example of my results when the top clients entire management team works in harmony with me to Save $ Millions to eliminate obstacles. Graph 1, Graph 2, Field Report.

Yet the stress of being a global road warrior and the inherent internal and  external client responsibilities as an independent contractor - hired gun - led me to abandon the field to become a 9 to 5'er.  Where I currently own and operate a big rig trucking company.

Am I happy with that? Yes & No. And the No may be the reason why you're reading these words. Or it's because I asked You to take a Look at my website. Or you clicked on my moniker - LifeIncome from one of the sites I've put together for a Client.

Regardless, the No gave me the drive to seek out another way to make a living based upon what are my Real priorities. I find that these Priorities happen to be true for a Lot of other people too. It so happens that the global market, which the Internet represents, and our product/vendor portfolio allow us a path to meet those Priorities.

It's called Vision.

Once you see it -- and realize that with your own persistence your priorities can one day become your own reality -- there will be nothing holding you back. And I mean nothing!

Remember, anything worth while is worth pursuing.

Steve Stelzner, 

Founder - The LifeIncome Group

The LifeIncome Group
November, 2003

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